How much does a two-storey                               extension cost?



Basic Spec: £1,320 to £1620/m²


Medium Spec: £1,700 to £2,000/m²


High Spec: £1,800 to £2,500/m² or more.



How much does a single-storey extension cost?


Basic Spec: £1,000 to £1,680/m²


Medium Spec: £1,680 to £1,920/m²


High Spec: £1,920 to £2,160/m² or more.




                      Art and Building


 Art and Building   Range of Renovation and Building Services


 Art and Building serving clients in London and surrounding areas providing highest standard renovation and building services for domestic and commercial projects.


We  offer a complete property  refurbishment service. We often play the role of a main contractor,  generally taking full responsibility to ensure you get the result you're looking for.

Our range of renovation and refurbishment services includes:


 Windows and door Supply and installations                                         Full house refurbishment and new Build                                               Loft conversion





 Boiler installation, gas safety inspection

 Electrical installations





Certification, maintenance and servicing

Commercial  Building works

Carpentry and Joinery

Kitchen and bathroom fitting

Rendering and Plastering

Electrical and plumbing works


Structural building

Internal and external painting and decorating

If you have a property renovation or refurbishment project you wish to discuss,  please call us on 07515382573 or email

Our Services

Complete refurbishment


 Art and Building offers complete renovation services. Renovation of houses, flats and commercial premises. We also carry out work at the stage of refreshing the house, flat or premises, before selling, which will increase the value of the house. From small projects to large ones. We offer renovations from beginning to end.


Home extension


 Art and Building specializes in enlarging the space of houses. Extension the house gives us more space and more possibilities, hence the sense of greater reason and the feeling of overwhelming small rooms disappears.  Art and Building always makes sure that the customer is completely satisfied, which is why all work is carried out by specialists.

Loft conversion


 Art and Building also offers home space enlargement, such as attic adaptation. Adaptation of the attic gives us additional rooms, a room with a bathroom, an office or an apartment with an open kitchen space, it is a good option to receive additional income. All this, whether making an extra room, office or apartment, increases the value of the house and after a few years will turn away from parenthesis.




 Art and Building uses the services of the best plaster specialist and rendering. The delivered product of the highest quality has a big impact on the final result, that's why we do not disappoint at this stage or at other stages.

Tiling & Wood Flooring


 Art and Building performs the highest standard when laying tiles, mosaics and all types of wooden boards as well as on the floor and wall. The wall made with wooden boards or parts of it, gives the impression of warmth. We make niche in wall, cut 45 °, which gives us the dream effect.



 Art and Building has qualified carpenters in its profession. We make all kinds of carpentry orders, stairs, built-in furniture, kitchen cabinets of all kinds and colors. We make wall paneling, imitations of wall and ceiling beams.

Painting and decorating


 Art and Building, our wallpaper, painting and decorative services are performed very professionally. We help in the preparation of samples and in the selection of colors. We are proud and satisfied when the client is satisfied with our work and we will certainly try our best.

Kitchen fitting



 Art and Building produces kitchens of all types and colors to size. If you want to increase the value of an apartment, house or functionality and it is very important when using the kitchen, we will create the kitchen of your dreams. Different colors, shapes of doors or glazing, splashback glass in different colors and wall mural. Cabinets made of MDF, hard wood, laminated, oak under varnish and stain.

Bathroom fitting


 Art and Building will make the bathroom of your dreams come true for you. Our offer includes the installation of all types of bathroom finishes, wall mounted taps, toilets, shower mixer and wet floors. A very comfortable and functional solution, which is wet floor, the bathroom floor is flush with the shower surface and can be made with floor heating. Using modern water drains gives us modern design.

Plumbing, heating & electricity


Art and Building uses qualified plumbers and electricians. Employees are trained and provide guarantees and all certifications. Plumbers - installation of underfloor heating, gas, all kinds of kitchen and bathroom appliances. Electricity - assembly of all kinds of lighting, smartlights, sockets and switches, inside and outside. We always try to do and assemble all kinds of finishes to make them comfortable and functional for clients.

Gardens - stone slabs, brick walls, stairs, ponds, etc.


Art and Building performs external work, stone terraces, wooden patios, fence walls, brick stairs, brick and stone grills, pond, etc.



Complete refurbishment

Home extension

Loft conversion


Tiling & Wood Flooring


Painting and decorating

Kitchen fitting

Bathroom fitting

Plumbing, heating & electricity



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