A great kitchen is much more than another room - it can be the heart of every home. The kitchen should be not only beautiful but also functional. It is very important to correctly design where and in what order to set up the equipment. The classic draft begins with the fridge, there is a sink and a cooker, and between them - worktops. However, a lot depends on the technical possibilities, the shape of the room and - what is equally important - on our habits. Keep in mind the easily washable floor, proper ventilation system, roomy cabinets and drawers, good lighting and durable work surfaces.
There are many ideas for decorating the room, but we are not always able to predict whether selected furniture, floors or accessories will always be liked. It should be remembered that delicate pastel colors on the walls and not very strong lighting will help to maintain the over-space of the rooms. The use of interestingly designed ceiling and wall constructions can give the rooms an interesting and modern look. Well-designed lighting in addition to the basic function can also gently emphasize the shape of the structure and their colors.
The bathroom in each house is a special place - in it we begin and end the day. Therefore, we want its interior to have a climate that gives us energy for the whole day in the morning, and in the evening provides relaxation before going to sleep. We also want to conveniently use the bathroom and have on hand cosmetics and various items needed during and after bathing. That is why in many homes and apartments, the bathroom turns into an exquisite, highly-decorated bathing salon, which absorbs a large part of the budget for equipment. The more spacious the bathroom, the easier it is to arrange it so that it is effective and at the same time comfortable. Regardless of its size, the distribution of necessary sanitary equipment, furniture and other equipment, you always have to devote a lot of attention.





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